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In this podcast we will talk about landscaping trends, give you gardening tips and do it yourself solutions.

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Thursday May 14, 2020

A pergola is a simple structure that can transform your backyard and turn it into an outdoor living space that you will love. It can give you a beautiful shaded area where you can enjoy the summer day without worrying about sunburn.

Wednesday May 06, 2020

Do you dream about the perfect garden? One of the most fundamental aspects to consider for your garden is adding a Garden Path. This is the perfect addition to any backyard.


Wednesday Apr 29, 2020

Wednesday Apr 29, 2020

In today's episode we teach how to grow a microclover lawn, a great eco-friendly alternative for traditional lawns.

Thursday Apr 23, 2020

Vegetable Gardening is as important as other essential life- giving pursuits, such as digging a well for clean water or lighting a fire for life-giving-heat. Vegetables are essential for a healthy and balanced diet.
Today we teach you how to make your vegetable garden. For this and more info visit our webpage. 

Thursday Apr 16, 2020

Most dogs love spending time outside, and backyards provide a space for their favorite activities, like playtime and training sessions, not to mention the joys of fresh air, sunshine, and rolling around in the grass. 
Today we share dog-friendly landscape ideas are excellent to keep your furry friend safe and happy.

Sustainable Gardening Ideas

Wednesday Apr 08, 2020

Wednesday Apr 08, 2020

Sustainable gardening is a method of growing plants such that the garden is able to successfully sustain itself without requiring many outside resources, pesticides, or herbicides. A sustainable garden is the best option for your garden.  

Wednesday Apr 01, 2020

This time we are going to talk about how to make alternatives for traditional pots. Gardeners have been using some alternatives for their plant pots to support the fight for sustainability and reduce as much plastic as they can. 

Monday Mar 23, 2020

The most beautiful succulent, the Rose Succulent (Greenovia succulent)! We will explain to you all about this unique plant that looks straight out of a fairytale!

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